I'm a PhD scientist of human performance enhancement at U.C. Berkeley.

I train people and organizations to radically improve their performance by becoming more focused, productive, and neurologically efficient.

I do this through workshops, bootcamps, consulting, & exec coaching. 



I train people how to improve their cognitive abilities; things like attention, memory, stress and emotional control, motivation and productivity.


The program I helped develop at Berkeley gathers robust techniques and principles from cognitive neuroscience, organizational psychology, military training programs, and innovative companies. I have found that curating a variety of techniques in various cognitive domains has been the most effective way to improve cognition. So far, the results have been extremely promising.

After this training course, I find myself less stressed and yet working harder and getting more done than I was before. This was definitely a game-changer. Thank you!
— Program participant at U.C. Berkeley

Speaking Engagements


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Consulting to Create Lasting Change


Data-Driven Assessments

  • Gain insight and identity strengths and areas for improvement t0 create a personalized training plan.  
  • Track progress and ROI

Training and development

  • Interactive and scientifically tested training workshops, courses, and bootcamps to teach techniques and inspire. 
  • Practical training with accountability 
  • 1-on-1 coaching available 

Policy and culture change

Strategic consulting on how to change company-wide culture to support productivity, wellness, and innovation. 


Executive Coaching

I love working 1-on-1 with people who are committed to change and curious about themselves. I have ongoing clients that I work with so I don't typically have openings but contact me and we'll see if we can connect and chat about options. 

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