I make superhumans.

I help leaders and businesses improve their performance by becoming more focused and productive. 


There are scientific realities about how the human brain works. 

Our current work culture is not in line with this reality. 

I help educate people and optimize the way they work so they're more productive and feel better. 



I'm a cognitive neuroscientist at UC Berkeley with 10 years of combined research and management experience. I've worked as a strategy consultant, a product manager, and a UX researcher. 

For the past 7 years, I've been conducting research on cognitive enhancement. The training program that I helped create was shown to improve focus, memory, energy levels, motivation, stress management, and the productivity of high-performers. 


I create customized training programs by curating scientifically validated techniques and effective habit-forming systems to actually change the way people, teams, and organizations work. 

I do this through workshops, training bootcamps, consulting, and coaching. 


I conducted a massive study using a 7 week training program on 200+ high-performers at UC Berkeley. 

Training has been shown to optimize neural connectivity & improvements in cognitive performance.




Speaking Engagements

I create customized talks, workshops, bootcamps, and courses for each client based on their goals and needs.

The aim of every engagement is always to inspire, instill, and maintain changes to the way we work as individuals and on a team. 

Contact me at for more information and booking details. 

Most popular workshops:

  • Becoming Superhuman: The Science of Focus and Productivity in an Always-On, Incredibly Distracting world
  • Energy Management: The Overlooked Key to Sustainable High Performance
  • What Every Manager Should Know About How the Brain Works
  • Take Control: How to Form Lasting Positive Habits and Routines 
  • The New Rules of Productivity: Overcoming Information Overload in the Age of Smartphones
  • Tuning the Brain for Creativity and Innovation
  • The Science of Effective Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Techniques

Consulting to Create Lasting Change


Data-Driven Assessments

  • Gain insight and identify strengths and areas for improvement t0 create a personalized training plan.  
  • Track progress and ROI

Training and development

  • Interactive and scientifically tested workshops, courses, and bootcamps
  • Practical training with accountability 
  • 1-on-1 coaching

Policy and culture change

Strategic consulting on how to change company-wide culture to support productivity, wellness, and innovation


Executive Coaching

I love working 1-on-1 with people who are committed to change and curious about themselves.

I have ongoing clients that I work with but I'm happy to set up a 15min call to see if there's a good fit and chat about options. Contact me at


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