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I'm a PhD scientist at U.C. Berkeley studying one simple question: 

Can we take high-functioning people and, in a short amount of time, push the limit of their cognitive abilities? 

I train people how to improve their cognitive abilities; things like attention, memory, stress and emotional control, motivation and productivity.

The program I helped develop at Berkeley gathers robust techniques and principles from cognitive neuroscience, organizational psychology, military training programs, and innovative companies. I have found that curating a variety of techniques in various cognitive domains has been the most effective way to improve cognition. So far, the results have been extremely promising.

After this training course, I find myself less stressed and yet working harder and getting more done than I was before. This was definitely a game-changer. Thank you!
— Program participant at U.C. Berkeley

Scientists have been researching techniques that can be used to manage stress, increase productivity, regulate emotions, and improve memory and attention for decades. Unfortunately, most of this research stays in the lab with people like me and doesn't make it out into the real world. 

This is where I need the help of my community and network. If you're excited about making brains better, faster, stronger, come and talk to me! 


Big picture, I also consider myself a grower and a leader; for the past 10 years I’ve been starting, leading, and growing initiatives, organizations, and businesses. This is what I'm passionate about doing every day!

Here are some of the things I've been spending my time on in the past year:

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Here are some of the ways I am bringing this research to our larger community.

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